Self-Reliance Summary – Why You Need This Book

The Self Reliance Summary is an easy to read book that explains in simple English, the basics of “reliability,” “self-reliance,” and “being able to rely on ourselves.” For me, a big part of having my own business knew I could rely on myself. Without that, it would have been difficult to be truly independent and have a strong sense of self. That’s why reliability and self-reliance are key concepts in my work. When you’re able to depend on yourself, you become capable of controlling your destiny and you can achieve anything you want – including anything you set your mind to.

So what’s so good about this book? Well, for one, it’s not a “how-to” book: there are no illustrations or lay-out instructions. It’s more of an overall “self-improvement” book. There are many pages in this manual that focus on categories ranging from the environment to relationships. But in each of these categories, you will find gems like:

Self-Esteem: You need to feel worthy of yourself and others. “You have what it takes to become the person you really are. When you stop comparing yourself to other people, when you stop beating yourself up for not living up to your dreams, you begin to take charge of your future and your life.” This is very short advice that goes into deep effect: it gives you a very simple but powerful prescription on how you can feel and look great and gain confidence by overcoming low self-esteem. This book teaches you how to change the way you view yourself and thus, gain more confidence.

Strength and Weakness: Two sides of a coin. This book describes the qualities you should strive to develop to maintain a strong relationship and a positive outlook on life. It gives practical examples on what you can do every day to make your relationship better.

Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance: Two Sides of a Coin again. There are two concepts in this book: one is about the value of self-esteem and another about the importance of self-reliance. According to the value concept, we should value ourselves and be confident that we can cope with almost anything. According to the self-reliance concept, you should rely on yourself and have faith that you are capable enough to get through anything. The author examines why these concepts are important and how we can use them positively in our daily lives.

Summary of the Author’s Experience. Last but not least, if you read this book after reading the previous two summaries, you’ll understand why the author repeatedly emphasizes on the value of self-esteem and the significance of self-reliance. He gives practical examples such as why you shouldn’t just rely on your own strength and skills but instead should try to increase your confidence level by surrounding yourself with positive people who will support and push you in your chosen career. The author also discusses the importance of building your own character, because this is a key ingredient in being successful in whatever line of work you’re trying to pursue. Finally, the author concludes his Self-Reliance Summary by briefly describing three related concepts: purpose, contribution, and relationship.