The 5 Web Development Trends To Expect In 2022 According To Data And Experts

In the up-and-coming years, it’s possible for the following five trends to become even more popular. Let’s take a look at what these are and how they may affect us all. If you are looking for web development Hampshire then check out Crio Digital.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs have become extremely popular, thought to soon replace common web applications that we all use today. They can be used off-line with applications such as Google maps and will load very quickly. There are many companies including Twitter and Starbucks that have been using these applications successfully to attract and also maintain customers.

Going back to the beginning of 2021, over half of the global Internet traffic was due to mobile device usage. Now the tablets and smart phones are being used more often, PWAs will make it possible to use programs more efficiently. User experience, amidst many other benefits, is why these will likely be around, especially because of the reduced cost of development.

Angular, React, JavaScript, and many other platforms were used to produce PWAs in 2022.

2. AI Chatbots

Most people online have experienced a chatbot before, a unique and sophisticated software program that is able to use what appears to be natural language and speech in order to interact with people online.

These are often used to interact with potential customers, and with the advent of the new AI-enabled chatbots, customer experience has been much better. Going all the way back to 2018, there was a definitive increase of nearly 200% of companies like Skype, and even Facebook, using a chatbot. This will continue to increase in 2022 and far into the future.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP or accelerated mobile pages were first released by Google back in 2015 in order to deliver content at a higher rate of speed for mobile users. This also minimised the bounce rate for those visiting websites, and provided a seamless experience for users. From a retail perspective, conversions were much higher, along with other business metrics that were favourable toward AMP derived results that load so quickly.

So far, the popularity of AMP pages has gone down, yet for mobile technology, it is still used on about 35% of the websites online plus over 10,000 of the most popular websites that people use every day.

4. Single-Page Applications

SPAs or single page applications, which use JavaScript, have become a popular web development when it comes to loading HTML pages and dynamic content pages without needing to refresh the page. The development community has widely embraced this technology, as well as companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

The AngularJS framework is behind this easy to create a cost-effective platform that allows people to access single pages without navigation. It is beneficial trend, benefiting both site visitors and the developers who make.

In general, consumers need applications that will allow them to access information online much faster and that is exactly what SPAs are able to do.

5. Optimised Voice Search

Perhaps the oldest of these five development trends, Google first released this technology in 2011, allowing people to search for things using nothing but their voice. This was a precursor to the development of Siri and Alexa, and in recent years, has seen outstanding growth that continues to progress at higher levels according to Grand View Research.

Apple HomePod and Google Home utilize this technology, and even more companies are coming on board to meet consumer demand for it. According to Juniper research, will over 50% of every household in the world will have access to voice assistants by 2022. It is because of this that voice search technology remains relevant and will continue to advance as a technology that everyone will want to use for everyday tasks.

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