The Investment Center Review 2021 – Forex Platform Complete Comprehensive Trading Analysis (


I joined over one hundred Forex trading forums and discussion groups; I spent five nights and four days analyzing more than sixty forex brokers, reviewing their withdrawal, deposit options, and especially the quality of their training material. I have also tested many exit strategies by creating a demo account at all possible brokers.

I am not saying that you should follow me on all parts of my recommendations. You do need to make up your own mind about what you will use.

I am a professional white-collar worker, playing the Forex market as an extra income source for my family and me. I have been able to give up my day job (which was boring anyway) after making more than $200k in a very short period. It is my pleasure to share my discovery with you and help others do the same.

The Investment Center is a forex broker that has been around for some time. In this in-depth review, I will try to uncover its strengths and weaknesses so you can decide whether it is the right forex broker for your trading needs and lifestyle.

The Positive Side of The Investment Center Forex Trading

Competitive Pricing

The Investment Center is one of the cheapest forex brokers for trading with big sizes, so it will appeal to newbies and conservative traders who are determined not to get into trouble. This broker does not cater to scalpers or high-frequency (HFT) traders.

After $10k of withdrawal from my account, I have received the money 3 days after, even though the transfer was not made through bank wire or a major credit card.

Good Customer Service

The Investment Center has an excellent customer support service with a number of staff members handling customer queries and trading problems round the clock, 365 days a year. They also have a live online chat to address account issues in real-time.

I had a trading problem with this broker, but they have resolved it very quickly and professionally. I am not hesitant to ever get in contact with The Investment Center as they are always available. 

Good Platform Interface

The Investment Center has an excellent platform interface for ease of use and understanding. You can easily get used to it even if you are new to forex trading. All the critical stuff on the platform, such as leverage and account balance, calls me by my name whenever I log into my trading account via their online trading platform, while others simply say, “Account Balance” or “Leverage.” This is awesome! 🙂

The charts have numerous technical indicators and tools to make trading forecasts. You do not need to search for other charting apps or software in order to monitor the market during the course of a trade.

The charts are very customizable. You can choose your own entry and exit points and the vertical and horizontal sizes for each chart you display.

Withdrawal Service

The Investment Center provides the most competitive withdrawal rates among forex brokers. You can withdraw money to your bank account or credit card for a small fee that is almost negligible, especially if you are withdrawing $5000 and above.

​I have tried it out by withdrawing $10k without any problem, so I will not be worried about trading with this broker.

Solid Training Material

The Investment Center provides a few free webinars that should be enough to help newbies learn how to trade forex profitably. However, they do not seem to have the best-written training eBooks, unlike those of some other forex brokers, and they simply repeat what you can find on the internet.

The Training Department has a number of tips for beginners on how to set your own targets, manage your risk and money management.  You will also like their special articles that provide new traders with all the information necessary to learn the ropes of forex trading.

Excellent Platform Performance

I have tested many brokers, but The Investment Center is one of my favorites with a high-quality platform. It allows me to see all the critical information I need when I trade and nothing else. 

This way, there will be no distractions that could cause “paralysis by analysis.” Moving averages are apart from the charts for improved readability. The chart features advanced indicators and tools like overbought/oversold, momentum, Bollinger bands, etc.

The information is very easy to find on the platform because it groups them together based on what they mean or how they can help you.

One major advantage of this broker is its compatibility with most (if not all) software and charting tools.

You can see your balance, trading history, and open trades while having other forex tools open.

I like the way the charts are laid out on this platform. They have a flat layout that does not need much scrolling. Their “live” charts are also very good in terms of clarity, and you can set them up to allow 10 or more charts to display on your web browser window at the same time.

Asset Collection & Performance Analysis

The Investment Center does not offer the MT4 platform, but It has an excellent collection of more than 100 forex assets, and you may add many other ones based on your trading strategies. I have tested a total of about 30 brokers in my years as a forex trader, and most of them have only around 1-10 forex assets.

Yet, the Indices Collection is not their strongest point because when I was looking at the broker’s website for my broader review, I could see that they have just 15-20 indices assets as well. But actually, there are more than 100, including majors and minors. So, what is going on? It seems that indices just have no place in their promotions.

As for Forex Blogs Reviews, it has a good collection of forex blogs covering most topics in the online trading world. You will also like their leaderboard that ranks top traders by asset and currency pair. Meanwhile, you can also check out your own performance on the platform via its performance analysis tool.

The trading platform is very advanced and has everything you need to monitor your trades closely. It provides 20+ chart indicators (including Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands & Stochastic Oscillators), 34 technical studies (including support and resistance levels) that traders can use as market references, and risk and money management tools.

I can see the Margin Requirement, Order Type, Deal Type, Price, and lots of other tools at a single glance. Its Trade Log keeps track of all my trades that I have placed on the platform with details such as price entry, exit points, etc.

If you want to chart past performance reports from different asset pairs over months or years, then it is provided in the Performance Analysis tool. I particularly like its Leaderboard area, where you can see top traders based on performance and assets & currencies pairs etc.

The trading platform’s charts deliver sharp and clear images that are very easy to read. It also offers real-time streaming quotes via a secure connection with low latency. Meanwhile, you can also trade on mobile devices because it is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

The Negative Side of The Investment Center Forex Platform Review

The Investment Center Forex Platform is a top-notch trading platform with advanced tools. But this broker also has a few minor negatives points. For one, I did not see any search box at the top of my browser screen where I can just type in a few letters and see all the features on the page.

So if you want to find something specific, then you have to scroll down so much until you get your search result. I think it would be good for them to add this feature in order for traders to navigate. Second, it does not offer much in the Indices and Futures side, which is its weakest point.

The Third one is that they have not set up their customer support team to handle different languages as some other forex brokers do. But this may change in the near future because I am sure they are working on it right now. Other than those minor issues, The Investment Center Forex Platform Review is a decent broker.

The Investment Center Forex Platform Review – Conclusion

The Investment Center Forex Platform is an advanced platform with a good collection of forex assets (including commodities). This broker offers advanced features such as margin requirement, deal type, performance analysis, etc. I also liked its trade log and time-tested customer support team. But remember that they do not offer their trading platform in different languages.

However, I think this broker has a bright future ahead. It is surely a good choice for those who want to maximize their profits using advanced tools and features that it offers on its trading platform.

Its negative point is the lack of a customer support team speaking different languages as many other forex brokers do (such as ForexMart ). But I think they are working on it already. The negative points are only minor, so I have decided to stick with this broker. I have had a good experience on the platform so far and have not encountered any problems.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.