The Week in Business: Not Enough Meat, and Too Much Oil

Another week of pandemic news, another 4.4 million jobs gone. Here’s the latest from the business and tech worlds, plus what you need to know for the week ahead. (What day is it, again?)

Job losses continued their record-breaking streak for the fifth week in a row, bringing the unemployment rate to nearly 20 percent, according to some analysts. Lawmakers are already agitating for another stimulus package to follow up the $484 billion rescue bill passed on Thursday, which replenishes funding for programs to aid small businesses and hospitals. The bill also mandates that the Trump administration help states step up testing, which public health officials view as essential to reopening the economy. State governments need all the support they can get: many are running out of money and governors are facing pressure to ease lockdown procedures without setting off a second wave of the outbreak.

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