Limping businesses are preparing to reopen across the country, and some Americans are raring to get out of the house. Is this the beginning of the economy’s recovery or will it lead to a resurgence of coronavirus infections? Here’s the business news you need to know for the week ahead.

Like many major retailers, J.Crew was struggling financially long before the coronavirus. But the pandemic pushed it over the edge, and the company is said to be preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. Other chain stores and shopping centers — like Macy’s and Simon Property Group, the country’s largest mall operator — are planning to reopen in the coming weeks with special rules in place. In a memo, Simon said that mall security officers and employees will “actively remind and encourage shoppers” to steer clear of one another. And at Macy’s, fitting rooms will be limited and beauty counter consultations done from a distance. It’s a gamble, but if the measures work, they’ll be used as a blueprint by other businesses.

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