Things to Do if You Are A Travel Photographer On Instagram


Instagram is one of the social media platforms for people who love to explore their interests and make visual connections. Instagram has more than 500,000,000 active accounts throughout the world that post the best content when it comes to traveling and traveling photography. Having such a huge number of users on Instagram can get you a huge fan following for your account. Here are a few things that you can take care of if you are a travel photographer: 

In this business, content plays a very cardinal role. So make sure that the content you share is amazing and your videos and photos attract the audience as it is a visual platform and your content should wow your audience. Also, to add more support to your business by using different photo editing tools that you can find on the internet. You can use one of the tools using Xfinity internet deals that get you high speed and affordable internet services for your home. Also, you can use geotagging along with hashtags on the images or videos as this makes your image more searchable. Apart from all this, there is a lot you can do to make your images more appealing and optimized for users, let’s have a look at a few things. 

Get Yourself a Brand for Your Business

You can get a good audience for yourself as people follow and support businesses that are well-aligned with their values and ideas. Make a careful analysis when deciding on the target audience or your target market and plan your business travel brand strategy accordingly. Also, think about the images that you will be posting on your Instagram and evaluate the message that these pictures deliver.

Post Stories

There is one cool feature where people post interactive stories that provide users with a way to get your followers get a clear idea about your business or the products that you are providing. You can also use this to make things more interactive for your audience. Do so by posting video clip of your destination or give out a short commentary on things that your clients can expect from your upcoming tour. A storytelling tool can be fun to use and lets your audience know about your company. 

Use Appropriate #HASHTAGS

Hashtags are an amazing way to make your post more searchable on Instagram. To get done with this you start off by creating a hashtag for your travel business name and use the hashtags on all the posts that you upload on your page. Also, it is a good idea to create an Instagram campaign and give it a hashtag. This will encourage your followers to participate on your post and increase your interaction with the audience

Make Sure That You Post At the Right Time 

There are many social media management tools including Hootsuite to schedule the timely release of your post. Now, this depends on the social media platform that people use. A good approach is that you can identify an upcoming holiday or an event and schedule your post accordingly in advance. This can help you keep your post in trending and stay on top of whatever your followers want to see.

Use Influencer and Writers to Create Posts for Your Account 

You can ask influencers, guest writers to share a number of posts that focus on your travel photography brand and tell the world about your products and services. The idea behind this is to share user experience of your travel offers on Instagram to generate more followers for your travel business. If a writer is going to share his or her views on your travel products and services and the experience he or she got while using your packages will add more to the credibility of your products and services. 

Engage With People Who Follow You

People enjoy getting recognized so it is a good idea if you win your followers and communicate with them on your posts and answer their questions, appreciate their work, let them know how they can improve a click and let them know about your page and share a tip with them. It is also a good thing if you will invite them on your page. Being responsive is the key.

Final Words

It takes a bit of time, effort, money and a bit of proficiency in handling social media platforms so that your travel photography and traveling companies use very interactive social media platforms and make their business profitable

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