Things to Look and Things to Avoid the Financial Set

Finance is one of the thorny issues and often experienced by most households around the world. Not infrequently, the financial problems in the household makes the relationship should end. Here are some things that must be considered in setting money:

  1. Mandatory discuss finances with your spouse

Money is a sensitive topic, especially if you and your spouse have different incomes or have significant debt. Regardless of your personal situation, it is important to openly discuss financial issues. If the spouse refuses, insist polite and gentle manner.

  1. Develop a financial plan or budget (financial plan)

After the discussion, you can prepare a financial plan together to tackle the debt and saving for the future. It can significantly reduce the risk of a debate about money, or even divorce. Careful planning will allow you to organize household finances or personal. For loan tips, you can see it in

  1. The credit card is a big mistake if abused

If you currently have a credit card debt, make strategy to pay it. How that can be taken include limiting the use of mobile phones, TV or the Internet, to save money to pay your debts. When creating strategies, realize that these sacrifices are only temporary. You only need to reduce everything bit by bit until the final balance is paid off. Then commit to never owe more.

  1. Saving for the future is important

More than a third of Americans have no retirement savings. In fact, many of them prefer to spend their money now instead of worrying about the future. However, the cost of living will surely continue to rise. How are you going to pay for basic services if you do not start saving for retirement from now?

  1. Distinguish between wants and needs

The need is something that you must have to survive, such as housing, transport, food, water, and clothing. While almost all other desires. Distinguishing desires or needs before you buy anything, will help avoid unnecessary expenditure. (MI / Wtr4)

In addition to the five things that must be considered in managing finances, the following things should be avoided in managing finances. among which are:

  1. Account of their own

Just as in love, the newly married couple will always feel they have the same ideas and thoughts. They are thought to still have their personal accounts, and use the money respectively for domestic purposes. After all, during each live by relying on their respective personal finances. However, this should not be allowed. Financial experts advise to have a joint account (in addition to personal accounts), so you can both have a shared responsibility. For example when you want to invest money, then this decision must be made jointly.

  1. earner have full responsibility for managing finances

This statement applies to housewives who do not work, so the husband became the sole breadwinner. Sometimes this makes women feel I have no right to manage her husband’s salary. Despite showing a sense of trust in each other, but should financial arrangement is structured according to the agreement and the common good. After all, women have advantages in terms of detail, so that the calculation of income and expenditure must still involve the role of mother.

  1. Just think about the current needs

Some newlyweds sometimes less prepare their finances in the long term. Either because they have not thought about the future, a new bride just concentrating to manage finances in the short term only. For example, spend a lot of money to satisfy the desire to have good stuff, whether it’s gadgets and household appliances are a luxury.

No harm to meet the wishes of current spending. However, the use of the current financial arrangements and part save for the future should also be considered from the beginning. This is useful as savings in the most unexpected times. The financial arrangements along with a good personal and can help secure the future, even when retiring later.