This Is The Benefit Of The Leaves

Unlike the narcotics, marijuana does not cause damage to brain cells. Cannabis makes its users feel happy (euphoria effect) and leads to decreased concentration. In addition, marijuana is believed to increase creativity (certain types of marijuana), although in some people marijuana also makes the wearer feel lazy. Marijuana does not cause addiction. There is still the possibility that marijuana actually has many benefits, but strong evidence from high-quality studies is lacking, according to the Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors. THC and CBD are two of the dozens of chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. A team of Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida last year found that a combination of six different pure cannabinoids can kill leukemia cancer cells.

Cannabinoids are commonly found in cannabis. Two active cannabinoids compounds studied include delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Meanwhile, THC alone has been shown to reduce the size of cancerous tumors and stop the spread of HIV. CBD also has a positive effect on children and adults who suffer severe seizure disorders.

So now it depends on how we manage it. Because it will be pity if marijuana ends with burning or burning again, moreover the fact that the plant has many benefits for treatment, “he concluded. Florida Medical Marijuana mentions, a plant called latin hashish sativa is a fiber-producing plant. The marijuana seeds contain tetrahydrokanabinol (THC), which gives effect to euphoria or prolonged pleasure for no reason.

Some studies reveal that marijuana consumption in men will reduce sperm count. In women will make irregular menstrual cycles. Meanwhile, the leader of Sativa Nusantara Foundation confirmed Dhira’s statement that marijuana is good for treatment. According to him, the existence of marijuana for medical is very important, because the price is much cheaper than other drugs.

But of course the health benefits of marijuana can only be obtained after consultation with a doctor. Cannabis will only benefit your health if taken with the right dosage. The cannabis plant has been known to humans for a long time and is used as a bag-making material because of the strong fiber it produces. Marijuana seeds are also used as a source of oil.