Have you been charged with making a presentation to a large group? Whether your audience is a prospective client group, internal divisions of your company or a philanthropic group, proper preparation is the key to a successful presentation. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for a winning presentation.

The two anchors of a successful presentation are solid knowledge of the subject matter and audience. If you’re new to your industry or a new employee, schedule the time to conduct thorough research. Understand the product or service line, industry positioning and company culture.  The easiest presentation is a slide show read verbatim by the presenter. This is sure to put your audience to sleep. By all means develop a slide to that serves to compliment your presentation. Most of the slide show should consist of graphics and data. The presenter is responsible for the content and explanations. Have note cards with single bullet points to accompany each slide.  If you’re not accustomed to presenting to large crowds, practice is critical. The more you know your material, the more confident and fluid your presentation will be. Do several dry runs of your presentation with the notecards and slideshow. Make sure you’ve used your allotted time and the presentation does not run pass the time slot. This shows respect for your audience and the agenda of the meeting.

Prepare for the day. Brush off your favorite suit and invest in a new tie.  Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and treat yourself to a fantastic selection of grooming products at Aveda. Dressing for success not only puts you in a different frame of mind, but it serves for others to take your presentation seriously as well. Pay special attention to grooming and dress for the big day. In the end, remember that the most important thing you can wear to the presentation is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Continue to rehearse your material and you’ll impress the entire audience.