Businesses worldwide are embracing the strength of data analytics. In the past few years, we all have seen remarkable transformations in business strategies and decision-making landscapes. In this data-driven environment where data empowers business leaders to make crucial business decisions, Big Data Consulting firms are benefitting numerous organizations and industries across the globe. Having seen this cutting-edge technology bringing huge transformations in business strategies, the SMEs are also keen to get the actionable insights with the help of Big Data.

Since its inception, Big Data Analytics has been a transformational technology for organizations and industries across the globe. Handling the data and data assets have now become easier than ever before. Big Data has made a considerable shift in several terms, as businesses adopt it to enhance the way they analyze data. For companies, who understand how to leverage their structured data with the help of Big Data can uncover valuable customer insights, new and creative ways of branding products and services, and discovering new lines of business.

In this transformation of organizations and industries, Big Data Consulting firms play a major role in driving benefits to businesses. Big Data Analytics Consulting firms practice integrating data analytics with Big Data to manage the data and information lifecycle. These consulting firms provide various types of Big Data services such as customized Big Data and analytics-as-a-service. With the potential of bringing social and economic benefits, Big Data helps businesses gain control of their data environment.

What is Big Data Consulting?

In this data-driven environment, organizations have a huge amount of data that comes from places, such as social media, digital channels, cloud computing, and several other repositories of business data that come from multiple channels. Extracting critical information from unstructured and scattered data from multiple systems can be exorbitantly costly. In order to stay competitive in this data-driven environment, organizations of all sizes must make data-driven decisions.

Big Data Consulting firms with proven expertise play an essential and integrated role in your business strategy and also help you make business decisions. Big Data Consulting firms assist you in defining an appropriate path for collecting, storing, enriching, and transforming your data from different sources. A large volume of data generated across the channels can provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence when analyzed properly. With the help of these insights, organizations can easily strategize their business growth, improve profitability, and service quality.

Here’s how Big Data Consulting services are beneficial for your organization:

  • It helps you define business goals that are expected from the valuable insights derived from ‘Big Data’ with Big Data Consulting.
  • A consultative approach utilized by consulting firms to research, define, and build big data applications will help you achieve business goals on desired timelines.
  • Consulting firms use a scalable and predictive analytics platform with an intuitive user-interface that responds to customer queries in real-time.
  • The vendor perspective is also important to ensure that your business objectives should always be on priority.

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Big Data can be utilized across several industries such as retail, manufacturing, BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Logistics, etc. Let us have a look at the upcoming trends in Big Data in 2020:

Augmented analytics: As predicted for 2020, utilization of augmented analytics might increase. The augmented analytics process comprises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) protocols which will help to augment the data using unique analytics queries and sophisticated algorithms. 

Analytics life-cycle department: As we predict trends in 2020, the IT department will develop life-cycle management policies and procedures for analytics that comprise entire life-cycle of application development.

Predictive analytics: We have seen organizations use analytics to gain an understanding of business scenarios. This year, in 2020, companies will focus more on predictive analytics to assess future economic conditions, investment needs, and infrastructure maintenance.

IoT analytics: In the year 2020, companies will probably get into an integrated IoT grid that will more closely reflect actual enterprise operations.

Data Automation: Data Automation will be the next big thing in the year 2020. Organizations will start data automation that will eliminate human involvement in several business operations.

In the year 2020, we will be expecting this as a massive year for the evolution of data and analytics platform. The Big Data market is as always expected to witness a remarkable growth, as the data has been increasing each passing day.