The number of pet and supply establishments has been growing including pet stores online.  This is because of the ever-growing love for pets.  In fact, there is a decade-long trend of increase in pet-spending.  That is good news for you if you are thinking of starting a pet business.

Pets are an integral part of people’s lives and engaging in a pet business would require business tools and processes that you should know to succeed in this lucrative enterprise.

There are clearly different pet business opportunities that you can engage in like:

  • Direct sales of pet supplies
  • Boarding kennels
  • Pet grooming business
  • Dog training
  • Pet care service franchises
  • Dog walking
  • Dog and cat sitting
  • On-line pet business (Dropship pet food opportunity, doggy care or house pet sitting, pet blogs and videos)

Tips to Ensure Success on a Pet Business

Passion for pets can translate into a full-fledged business opportunity.  Consider these business tips to help you grow, compete, and succeed in the pet industry:

    Passion for Pets and for Business

It isn’t enough to have a passion for pets if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur in the pet industry.  A solid understanding of effective business practices and the business process including profit margins, inventory, analytics, customer generation, advertising, and sales, are all crucial to create a business that will bring a return of investment and profit.

Here’s how you can be leading in the pet business race by performing your passion for pets and the business process:

  • Your expertise attracts customers.  Turn your passion for pets into expertise.  An encyclopedic knowledge of animals will attract and retain customers who want the best for their pets so know everything you can about pets and animal care so you can be ahead of your counterparts and to keep your customers invested in your brand.
  • Position yourself within your market.  There is real competition out there, even with the Big Box Stores.  Uniquely position yourself to your advantage by offering pet products and/or services that are not found elsewhere so you can be a go-to expert of your specialty. 

 Evaluate what might help to distinguish your business from others in your location, and find ways to capitalize on that.

  • Find low-cost and effective ways to promote your business.  Be clever and creative in advertising your pet business so you can stay ahead of the game.  

A business blog that is easy to use and maintain is a very inexpensive and modern way to promote your business.  Learn other no-cost advertising options as well.

  • Learn the business.  Test the waters and learn the business to determine if you are ready for this undertaking.  Build a deeper, more personal connection with your core audience so you can determine how you can always deliver what they need.
  • Establish a brand.  Come up with a unique and memorable business name that will be a strong identity for your brand.

    Utilize Tools for More Efficient Operations

Talk to other owners of small businesses, check out your competition, and learn the small business tools that will help you work processes easier.  Some tools you may consider researching on are:

  • Different POS systems
  • Time tracking apps
  • Online filing systems
  • Chat programs

    Meet All Legal Obligations

Know the fees, rules, and regulations for a pet business in your state or city level.  Make sure that your business adheres to all of its legal obligations.  You may want to consult with or hire a lawyer to help you navigate through these.  Although there are different regulations for a pet business in each state, you can expect these to be included:

  • Safety regulations
  • Immunization requirements
  • Specific certifications
  • Sanitation requirements
  • Pet business insurance

Fulfilling the Needs of a Pet Business

Starting a pet business is no doubt, not an easy feat.  Knowing how far you are willing to go to make life easier for your customers will define how you can make out of this business opportunity.  It may not be an easy path but if this is a field you are really passionate about, fulfill the pet business tips you just learned and it will help you get through the hurdles.