Today 89% of traders are connected to the Internet. The Internet has become an essential tool for making a living. It facilitates communication, prospecting, buying, selling, information, customer relations … It is present in all phases of the life of a company.

So why not get started in online business? We are going to present 4 best business models that you can start and make money online.

I. Creating a travel blog


Travel bloggers make a lot of money since they gain from all sort of affiliation. It is easy and you can invest your time.

Whether in the form of discounts, free miles, free products, invitations or hard cash (the best music in the world) you are not just going to earn extra income, you are going to quickly earn enough to quietly live your life from your travel blog and make people envious around you! Besides, you will notice that these are more and more numerous, sign of your success!

Photo equipment (bag, lenses, tripods, batteries, memory card, cables, protection against the cold, flash, screen adjuster ..) or the computer as well as all the useful accessories of the modern traveler blogger (bags, insurance, clothes, shoes…), we will also offer them to you. Brands are just waiting for that, offering their product to the best travel blogs without any compensation. Because yes, creating a successful travel blog makes you a winner, a winning traveler blogger!

As an example, you can write an article like 10 days Morocco Itinerary where you put all the details about the itinerary and you explain to people. Then, when your blog gains popularity, you input affiliate links.

II.Work in Amazon affiliate Marketing.


Amazon affiliate is one of the best ways to make money online: you don’t need to create a product and once registered on the platforms, you can offer hundreds, even thousands of products in one click.

With its large catalog and its position as a leader in e-commerce in several countries, joining Amazon is really a good idea. So, we will see in more detail in this article how you are going to make money with the Amazon partner program.

Registration is free, but beware that Amazon is becoming more and more demanding: you have to be able to make clicks and a few commissions, otherwise, Amazon will suspend your account.

So add your affiliate links only once you start getting traffic and not when you start your site. When registering, Amazon will ask you for your contact details, but most importantly, information about your site traffic: what methods you use to get traffic and how many visitors to your website.

You can choose a niche to work on. The specific the better. Tablet Scan is an example of an Amazon affiliate site. 

III. Work with Forex Affiliate.


Online trading is today accessible to almost everyone, even individuals who are just starting out. Therefore, creating a blog about trading online will help you make a lot of money.

However, this service is not easy and requires a high level of understanding of the financial market. If you can make people make money with forex, you can move to the next step where you become a coach.

In addition to coaching, you can insert affiliate links and review forex brokers. If someone clicks on your links, the broker give you a commission when someone makes a deposit.

One of the shortcomings of forex trading is that a lot of people lose money; therefore, you need to know if you are able to give such knowledge.

Best Forex Broker With No Deposit Bonus is an example of a forex affiliate article.

IV. Create a Bolg about Unique and exotic products.


Today, you can find plenty of websites talking about technology and modern products. So what about creating a blog about exotic products and target people who are looking for unique items.

Many people, especially the rich ones, are looking to be specific, unique, and feel privileged to possess items that no one else has.  These people pay more and don’t discuss the price because they are not looking for cheap items. They want to feel unique, so they pay more.

if you are from Asia or Africa, this will be a wealthy business. You can use the treasures of your culture to sell them in Europe or America.

Unique Handicraft is an example of websites that presents the unique Items in Morocco.