Top International Moving & Packing Tips in Dubai

Traveling is one of the most fun things for many people. But usually moving somewhere abroad and packing things can be hectic and stressful for some people. If the packing involves the household items too, they may include the utensils, home appliances, electronics, furniture and more.  Some shipping companies offer the packing facilities to the customers but if you have to do this on your own, you are for some packing tips to make your work more relaxed and less hectic. 

Planning and Organizing

Everything begins with planning and preparing things before implementation. Don’t make a plan to move in the peak season of winters or summers. Place the notices at least a month before any international moving. 

Use the Appropriate Cartons 

For packing your goods try and use the strong, reinforced cartons which most of the logistics companies use for packing. You may get the empty cartons from the superstores too but they are not much sturdy and may damage your articles while shifting. Try to mark the boxes for the reminder that which box contains what in it. Also, it will help to keep more fragile options safe. Try to buy the firm cartons fro the vulnerable items. 

Facilitate the Conveyance

Try to pack the heavier items in the small boxes. If you take a bigger box and place the heavier item in it plus you add some more goods in the box, it will become difficult to hold or shift it to the other place. Specify all the crates and make sure to keep them guarded. 

Keep your phone book with you while moving to the new place as you may need it in an emergency, or want to contact them later for any purpose. An interesting tip is to keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge. It will absorb the moisture from the fridge during traveling which will help the refrigerator protected. Also, when you are loading the luggage on the track or the container, place those boxes on the top of the luggage which may need first. 

Help Out The Packing Team

If you are taking the help in packing from your shipping company then you must keep an eye on the team. You should know which articles are being packed in which boxes. Ask the team to label the boxes properly. Guide them to keep the vulnerable items in a place where they are safe. Checklist all the items by yourself. After packing inspect all the goods packed and visit the premises again if anything is left behind. After making everything clear then sign the release papers. 

Move-in Day

After you have loaded all the goods on the container, keep tracking your logistics company

and you must be available at the place of delivery when the shipping team arrives. You must stay there when they are unloading the goods and make sure that all the boxes come out of the container in a safe manner. If you cannot reach there in person, try to send any trustworthy person at the site. You will keep an eye on the goods and all the process of unloading. 

Some Tips for You Before Moving 

In the above-mentioned tips, we were discussing the steps for packing and now here are some tips for you before moving. 

  • Notify the children’s school a month before moving to the new place as they may not continue the same school. 
  • Have a complete health check-up before leaving for abroad. 
  • Check the legality of import and work privileges. 
  • Cross-check the expiry dates for your visas and passports. 
  • Visit the Social Security Office to make sure that all the future payments are made correctly. 
  • Take a look at your bank accounts, pensions, and other official payments and if a diversion is needed, complete it before moving. 
  • Remind your shipping company about the date of packing and removal. 
  • Submit all the required bills like the electricity bill, gas and water bills and others.
  • Make duplicates of your documents.
  • Make sure that the laptops, cell phones, and any electronics are not added in the cargo containers. 
  • Keep your wallet, passports, and other important documents safe and in hand so if you need them promptly.
  • Sell or donate your leftover goods if not taking them with you. 
  • Renew your will with the help of your lawyer.
  • Give an application to your telephone, electricity and gas companies to cut the connections. 
  • Also, open your bank record away. 

All these tips are carried out from one of the best logistics companies in Dubai that is offering world wide logistics and shipping services from Dubai. We hope all the tips mentioned above will really help you out while packing and moving to abroad.