Every successful company has a team of successful employees that help run it. In an ideal world, your company will have only the best employees in terms of attitude, skill sets, and enthusiasm when it comes to their work. Unfortunately, not everyone is perfect, and it’s not all the time that you’ll get the “right people” for the team you’re currently building. If you’re in a recruitment phase, this article might be of assistance as here are top qualities your new employees should have for long term success.

According to a CareerBuilder and Harris Poll survey, human resources personnel who responded to their polls said they review “soft” skills of applicants just as much as they review the technical capacity of the individual. As such if you’re looking for an employee, they should be as interesting on the inside as they are on the outside.

  • Your ideal employee must be action oriented. This means your team should be able to take chances and take risks despite chances of failure. Employees that are people of action tend to learn from their mistakes and adapt with their circumstances better. You will need people like these given the rather dynamic growth of the market today.
  • Your ideal employee should work smart. Intelligence in this case isn’t just reflected by grades from college, but rather the way they navigate situations related to work. Stay sharp with employees with unique approaches to work that help them become more efficient. This doesn’t necessarily mean to look for employees that break the rules, but look for employees who can bend protocol to their advantage in order to perform better.
  • Your ideal employee should have ambition and leadership. An employee who is ambitious will do everything in their power for them to achieve their goals not just for themselves, but for the endeavor they’re working for. Your ideal employee is also someone who can display leadership skills, or is capable of stepping up to the challenge when there’s a need.
  • Your ideal employee should be fun to deal with. No matter how good an employee is, if they’re not “fit” for the rest of your team, the entire team’s morale will suffer. Try to get a person who is not only efficient, but also fun to be with. If you think all of you will enjoy working with this person, then that employee is an asset you should definitely keep track of.
  • Your ideal employee is upbeat and confident in what they do. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a staff member you should have on your team is someone who is upbeat, energetic, and confident in what they do. Someone who has these qualities tend to bring life to the office on a busy day, and at the same capable of expressing themselves in a way that other employees might not be able to.



Remember, when it comes to finding the right employee for your company, not only should they be “compatible” with you in terms of their perspective towards work and their attitude, but their philosophy should be in line with yours. A staffer who is as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to helping your company improve is a definite asset to the team. When this, complemented with factors above, shows in an employee, then they may definitely be a catch. Click here to have a better idea on the legal specifics of the matter at hand.