TradeTheBit Review 2021: How I Stepped Up My Trading Game By Using This Broker. (

It can be stressful being in the industry for a while yet still not finding a platform where you can be expressive and comfortable at the same time. I have been in the trading industry for quite some time now and have been able to see a healthy amount of situations where one could quit, but I had stayed around out of curiosity to see if trading was worth the hype at all. Unfortunately, I was one of those traders that had a rough start to their trading career. It was not ideal for losing money as soon as you enter an industry with high hopes, but I had to deal with it.

I got scammed by many platforms in broad daylight. If I were to be aware of situations, it could have been easier for me to deal with. Hence, I needed a platform that could restore my trust and guide me throughout so that I can be able to grow my career and further expand my knowledge. For those looking to get into the trading industry but don’t have any source of guidance and knowledge, hopefully, this review can give you the courage to finally start trading.

After a great deal of research, I had found the perfect trading platform that is willing to contribute everything regarding trading under the sky. I have never felt so at ease while using the platform. It has changed my career and given it a turn for the better. Unfortunately, it is sporadic to find such platforms. I should know better. So, here is an entirely detailed review of TradeTheBit.

My First Impression:

The first look at the website determines if the client will carry on with their search for better platforms or stay. In this case, the platform should have a flawless look to attract the clientele and lure them in. For example, a good trading site is supposed to give an interactive look through its graphics, and the theme should be light and bright.

By the first look, I noticed that the site’s theme was dark and didn’t like the color contrast that has been used. They should have used a lighter combination of colors to ease the eyes and give the site a brighter look. In addition, the graphics and the pictures that are used have given the site an interactive and realistic look by displaying important information alongside them.

The Layout:

The layout of any site, especially for a trading platform, should be very accessible and easy to follow through while being clean and organized at the same time. Anything complex can throw the client off. The novices who prefer a trading platform depend upon how easy their layout is to make them feel comfortable enough to grow their careers. They want to experience more about trading without it being difficult for them. Having a messy and vague layout can be the biggest mistake for a platform to make and should be avoided at all costs.

The layout of this website was everything but decent. However, it has managed to tick all the boxes that a platform of outstanding quality should constitute. The design is neat and easy to understand. The date, day, and time are mentioned at the top right corner of the screen, the security information is given at the bottom of the main page, and the live chat option is available at the bottom right corner of the screen. One thing that did catch my eye was that the site only offers the English language, which is bothersome for the international clientele. It would be of interest to everyone if they provided a vast selection of dialects so that the majority of the traders can feel at ease.

The Useful Content: 

All trading platforms should have explicit content and have all the required information that even a novice to a professional trader might need at any given time. I always look for a trading platform that can willingly educate me and transform my trading career professionally. This platform provided the correct information for me to move forward with my trading career and acknowledge my position in the industry, which is very useful if you have the intention to develop your skills and are serious about this. This site has specific categories such as the Education Center and Trading Platform that make you aware of the insights of the industry.

Education Center:

The education center of a trading site has to be one of the most frequently visited sections. Even as a professional trader, refreshment of knowledge is always needed. It should contain detailed and complete data with all the necessary information. This section further consists of the eBooks, Asset Index, Glossary, and FAQs. The ebooks provided by the site are 12 in total and are given a summary of the book, which is very helpful. The eBooks cover a broad range of knowledge about trading with everything you need to know about it to give you a heads up. The glossary kept me updated with all the terms and words that I regularly used. Finally, the FAQs are the perfect place for the novices as all the basic questions that one might want and the answer are already given.

Account Types:

The account types mentioned on the site are four in total; Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These are designed so that a trader of any level can enjoy the site’s offerings without feeling like they are missing out.

  • Basic

The basic account offers up to 200 tradable assets, market review, and up to 100 significant leverages for the cost of 250 euros. This is an excellent option for the traders that are testing the waters before committing to the field.

  • Silver

For the cost of 10,000 euros, the silver account further avails all the features of the basic account and additionally have a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative gold spreads, significant leverages up to 200, tier 3 room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, monthly webinars, and level 3 prioritized withdrawal process.

  • Gold

The gold account type comprises of all the feature mentioned in the silver account and further constitutes of level 2 prioritized withdrawal process, private analyst sessions, weekly webinars, tier 2 trade room analysis, up to 300 significant leverages, and lucrative platinum spreads,

  • Platinum

The platinum account is worth 100,000 euros that contain similar features as the gold account, lucrative VIP spreads, 400 significant leverages, complete access to the trade room analysis, access to lucrative VIP events, full access to webinars, level 1 prioritized withdrawal process, etc.

Customer Service:

To truly determine the quality of a trading platform is to judge by its customer service. My past experiences with customer services were always unsatisfactory and underwhelming. The responses are always expected to be quick and informative from an ideal website.

However, this website has lots to offer even though it only offers a telephone line to Canada, which is again upsetting as it limits the option to gain help for the international clientele. Instead, they comply through live chat, email, telephone line, and by submitting a form. 

My experience with their services has always been pleasant. When I required assistance, I had always received the required help that I needed. I had used the live chat option as I am always a bit uncomfortable while talking on the phone. In this way, I could easily face my concerns and get the help that I needed. I received what I asked; instead, they further helped me understand where I needed to extend my knowledge and polish my trading skills. It’s trading platforms like these that have always supported and guided me throughout my career, which I am always thankful for.


It is always essential to meet the client’s expectations and make space comfortable to grow and expand their knowledge and career. Beginning with the layout of all the services provided by the site, it should be simple yet informative. To have an environment that allows you to develop your skills should always be held on to. This is what TradeTheBit is to me.

It is no lie that I have had to face many difficulties to get to this platform where I felt comfortable right off the bat. I lost a healthy amount of money and courage during those times but still never gave up as I knew hard work never goes to waste. Once I landed on this site, I felt at ease and relaxed as I benefitted from it in the first few months, and all my courage had been stored back. I don’t see a better platform for me as I can educate myself with every step that I take towards success because the learning process never stops, especially as a trader in which the industry is always evolving and constantly changing with the trends.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.