Frustration over insurance firms refusing to provide travel refunds

Having travel insurance is one of the necessities of life nowadays. But in many cases, it may be a headache for people which is apparent from the number of customer complaints that can be observed across many online platforms. Travel insurance covers many conditions that may cause a lot of trouble to travelers such as loss of passport and personal belongings coverage, loss of checked baggage coverage, and other dangers.

Currently, there are many insurance companies, like axa travel insurance, that claim to provide the best travel insurance to their customers. But not always all the customers are happy and content with any particular company and its policies. Many features of travel insurance frustrate customers all the time. It can be anything ranging from the coverage provided by the insurers to the travel health insurance policy of the companies. Judging from many online surveys, here’s a list of the most common causes of frustration among customers of travel insurance.

Basic Coverage 

Travel insurance, like any other sort of insurance, does not cover everything. As a result, passengers who have filed unsuccessful claims become angry because they believe they have been duped. Understanding what is and is not covered can help you prevent frustration. The policy certificate contains this information, which you should study throughout your free look period.

All the Fuss about Canceling trips

Most vacationers are concerned about trip cancellations. Cancellation and interruption coverage is provided by travel insurance, however, the reason for the cancellation matters because not everything is covered. A list of covered causes for trip cancellation is included in most travel insurance policies. You will not be covered if your cause is not on the list. 

Certain medical conditions may not be covered

A pre-existing condition is anything that occurred before you were covered by insurance. The travel insurance company will review your medical records if you seek a claim due to a medical issue. They’ll have to figure out when and whether this condition started. If they go back and see no evidence of the condition, it was not a well-known one. If they notice that you have been diagnosed with the disease, it will be considered a pre-existing illness, and coverage would be rejected.

Exclusions from coverage

Every travel insurance policy has a list of exclusions or scenarios in which coverage is not given. This is one of the most common reasons for frustration among travelers. It is a detailed list of reasons that should be carefully studied to avoid any misconceptions.

Medical tourism

Many travel insurers do not cover travel expenditures when the objective of the trip is to get medical treatment outside of your native country, generally known as medical tourism. This can be quite difficult for people who are attempting to get treatment in another country.

High-Risk Sports

It will not be covered if you participate in high-risk sports or activities. Many of us enjoy sporting activities that give us an adrenaline boost when we travel. Most travel insurance policies do not cover claims for injuries sustained while participating in sports.


Regardless of all the issues, the necessity of having the correct travel insurance policy cannot be overstated. The key is to read and understand what is and is not covered under your policy so that you are not caught off guard in an emergency.