34 yeast back, I stepped into the tricky trading world. I had no idea how it would welcome me and it did take me by surprise. I had heard stories from friends and family about so many imposters and looters but I don’t know what made me think they would not come to me. After so many years, I have figured out that this feeling is what makes so many traders lose all the precious money that can be used to build up their businesses. I don’t know where it comes from. It makes one feel this way but this needs to be avoided. Tricksters never think twice before attacking anyone. Unfortunately, the regulatory authorities aren’t doing their best and this is why it is the traders who need to get to work. 

The earlier you realize, the better it is because only then you’ll be able to take all the precautionary measures that I took years later. Yes, I have been suffering at the hands of fake firms and I know a ton of traders who have had their fair share of hardships as well. If you have noticed you’ll see that these firms have mastered the art of fooling young minds and making money. They know what way you think and how you function and then design tactics accordingly.  This is why it is getting increasingly hard to find the right forex firm which can keep safe your assets. 

It took me very long to finally reach a forex firm that I could stick to for longer periods. Every firm before that one gave me a reason within a year or two to abandon it and start looking for another one. There came a time when I was tired of looking for firms, all my experience had been failures and I could not see how to get things fixed. That was when my friend, Anna, told me about Victoria-Coins. I was not ready to believe her until I actually looked up for it. To my surprise, most of the people said good things about it online. But I need to tell you how it took me a while to believe all that I could find online. We all are well aware of fake reviews online which talk either all good or all bad about any product or a firm. But when I went to ask my seniors and fellows they told me they had never heard anything bad about this one. Also, the current users said that it was a great firm and that I should give it a shot. It took me around 5 months to be convinced that this is not a firm like the ones before. I read and studied the website closely. In fact, the first step of my research was looking for ways fake firms work. I made a list of all the methods I could find and then made sure that this one had no signs of a fake firm. 

I have been using this forum for a.long time now and I have seen my performance improve as a trader a lot. Now I think that I was trading blindly before because Victoria-Coins has allowed me to look at the market in a whole new way. If you are a young trader, who has been struggling or suffering or even dodging fake firms, then I want to make it clear to you that no one will come to your aid unless you do. Yes, you need to get it sorted yourself. All I can do is to recommend you to make a list of all the specs that you want in your forex firm and then start looking for the ones which possibly hold all those characteristics. You should be mindful of the fact that it is not an easy job to ensure that a firm has a given quality; however, it isn’t entirely impossible. You can do it because people like me have been doing it for a very long time now. 

The Overall Experience

So the overall working experience with the firm was good. I would give this firm a 4.7/5. Yes, it was this good. When I say it was good, I refer to all the qualities collectively. I believe that if a firm lets you improve and work on your trading skills along with helping you make profits then you can say that it is a good firm and if one of these two is missing then you will ultimately find yourself at the losing end. Victoria-Coins has been helping so many people reach what they have dreamt of and this is why I like to call it the secret behind millions of success stories. 

I like how this firm works. It has made me feel comfortable trading and I think that’s the best a firm can do for a client. Also, they have never made me feel like a customer or a client. All these years it has felt like the Victoria-Coins team is my family because they have always had my back. The firm is largely great but there are some small flaws which I will definitely discuss as we proceed because I want you all to be well aware of all of them as we go on. I will quickly share 1 thing which I like the most and 1 which I don’t about the forum (because I am asked this a lot)  and then we will be talking about things more specifically. What I like the most about this broker is that they offer me foolproof security and they never keep from going out of the way to ensure that our money is safe with them. And the one thing which has to be worked on is that they do not offer the website in my native language. If this happens then this forum will be something that I will be proud of forever.

Withdrawal Speed

I have grown old listening to stories of traders who have to wait for months at times to withdraw their money. In fact, I have seen that many fake firms make the withdrawal process complicated on purpose and prolong it unnecessarily. This is probably the worst thing that a broker can do to its customers. Here at Victoria-Coins, I am so glad to tell you that this is not the case. The company takes very little time to let you withdraw and this small time is only needed to make sure that your identity is verified. This is important to protect your assets from scammers. I have seen many traders who don’t like to experience small delays but I would advise you all to remain patient because this is for our safety only. A smooth Withdrawal process is a mandatory provision if you want your customers to remain loyal. 

Bonus Policy

Victoria-Coins knows how competitive forex is getting and how hard it is becoming for traders to barely survive. This is why they offer their customers bonuses. I have received it many times and I know many fellows who have also had them. If you want to know how it works and who’s eligible for these then you can go to the website and read the bonus policy that you will find at the bottom of the landing page. I would like to tell you that one of my previous firms gave me a bonus and I was super excited to receive it. However, a few months later I realized that they deducted more than that from my account as hidden charges. Fake ones have adopted many such gimmicks but I am glad this isn’t the case at Victoria-Coins. You will be told beforehand about all the expenses and in case of any changes, you will be properly notified. 

The Dark Blue Backdrop

The gradient dark background looks cool but when you are trading you want a website that helps you maximize your attention span. A dark background makes it hard to focus. Unfortunately, this forum has a very dark background and I am not a huge fan of it. I hope the firm updates and replaces it with a neutral colour that is acceptable to all. It is just this flaw in the theme, otherwise, I like everything from fonts to graphics. 

No Paypal

Another thing that you should be aware of before joining is that this forum doesn’t let one make payments using PayPal. If you are someone who has been using PayPal then you will have to switch to a new method. I want to mention that the bitcoin option is particularly commendable and shows how the broker keeps up with changing trends. 

Like I have discussed above, this broker has some flaws but I am not ready to leave it despite them because I am highly satisfied in totality. This broker has changed trading for me and I love how the firm takes care of customers’ needs and that is all a trader can ever ask for. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.