What are the Top 10 Most Popular Flowers?

Worldwide, flowers are a staple in several cultures. Flowers are amazing for decoration on different occasions – be it family events or holidays. Do you know that flowers are used for beauty and health applications? These are in different cultures across the globe, been used for centuries.

The Most Popular and Beautiful Flowers in the World 

So what are some of the most popular flowers in the world? Below are some of the many popular flowers in the world.


This flower is originally cultivated by the Turks. The flower is used as the symbol of the Ottoman Empire by Europeans. Tulips are delightful, distinctive, and very beautiful.


This flower is from a large family of flowers. Orchids got a nice fragrance and colorful blooms. It symbolizes large families because it has many children. It’s one of the most beautiful and popular flowers the world ever knows.


These flowers are easy to grow. On a considerable level, sunflowers are useful for human consumption. The prestige bloom often maintains its face towards the sun, it, therefore, symbolizes loyalty. Without any doubt, sunflower is well cherished worldwide.


Rose should be number one on this list. And there are several reasons for this. It has a global appeal. Rose comes in varieties of colors. However, the most popular kind of rose is the red rose. Why is that? You should know already – they represent romance and love.


Gardenia is a fragile and delicate flower. It’s native to both tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and South Africa. The flower is known to symbolize secret love. This promotes the mysterious reputation of Gardenias worldwide.


These flowers are popular for their natural beauty. They represent exuberance and merriment for those who receive them. They are pure and innocent. That’s one of the reasons daisies are among the most popular flower gifts to loved ones.


For more than two thousand years, several cultures used carnations. This flower is often connected with mythology and symbolism. Carnations are beautiful.


Here is another piece of popular flowers worldwide as it enhances thoughts of the spring period. They are often in bloom in this season. Daffodil symbolizes friendship. Daffodils can grow into several colors – pink, yellow, green, white, and orange.


This flower belongs to the sunflower family. Gerbera also symbolizes purity and innocence. Gerbera is delicate and grows in a cluster that forms the shape of a single flower. The beautiful flower can be used in several events because it grows in many colors. 


The iris flower means rainbow. It symbolizes love and eloquence. The beautiful flower is linked to a Greek goddess (Iris) – a messenger of love. You will always find the iris flower in multiple colors – like pink, red, yellow, brown, and orange.


There are thousands of beautiful flowers in the world. These are just a few of them – the tip of an iceberg. The flowers listed here are popular because there are often used for different purposes. Finally, BloomLocal same day flower delivery UK services are affordable.

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