What are the types of car insurance covers available?

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Life is precious for all of us. We value and treasure every moment spent with our families and friends as they make our lives beautiful and worth living. Therefore, we aim for several facilities offering comfort and ease. One of them is a four-wheeler. It is a prized possession as it involves research and our hard-earned money.

When you buy it from a showroom or dealer, you ensure it fulfils your family’s needs. Safety and assurance are essential while driving on Indian roads where the accident tolls rise each day. Thus, car insurance protects you and your vehicle from unforeseen damages and expenses. It provides cover against theft and total and partial damage caused to the vehicle.

The types

When you buy or opt for car insurance renewal, you come across several add-on covers to protect your vehicle. Though they are available at an additional cost, they are worth it as they save you from numerous hassles after a road mishap, including financial issues and repair costs. Unfortunately, medical facilities are equally expensive, which drain out your savings.

Liability coverage

This car insurance policy is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act. It covers the repair cost or even the replacement of a damaged part. In addition, this coverage plan comes to your rescue when you are involved in an accident. It also covers third-party death, injury, and property damage.

Collision coverage

If you include this coverage in your insurance during online car insurance renewal, the insurer takes care of the repair charges of your vehicle after a collision. First, decide the value of the cover based on the age of the car. Then, if the repair cost exceeds the market value, the company reimburses you the vehicle’s market value.

Personal injury coverage

As the name suggests, this auto insurance policy cover takes care of personal injury expenses. The bills of the driver’s and passengers’ medical expenses get covered by the company. The coverage does not depend on the accident because of the driver or the third party. Therefore, include the personal injury coverage at the time of inception.

Uninsured motorist protection

In an unfortunate case of your four-wheeler involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, bear the repair charges from your savings. Unfortunately, the other party’s insurance coverage is not enough to reimburse you for the damages sustained by your car. During such a situation, the uninsured motorist protection comes to the rescue. You include it as a rider during car insurance renewal online for unforeseen incidents, and the company pays the shortfall amount.

Comprehensive coverage

It provides extended coverage during an unfortunate event. It helps pay for damage to your vehicle due to incidents like rough weather, floods, fire, and theft. You choose this cover during car insurance online renewal for passengers, drivers, third-party vehicles, and people inside it. With preinstalled antitheft devices, the premium reduces as the chances of robbery are less.

Roadside assistance

For example, if the vehicle breaks down, choose this cover during car policy renewal, where the insurer assists you in moving it to the nearest service centre. In addition, the engine replacement cover protects you against engine damage, thus saving money.

Other covers include zero depreciation, where your car gets coverage for the invoice value, and you receive maximum compensation upon the claim.

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