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Bobblehead, better known as a nodder, is yet another type of playful doll. Those whose hobby is to collect dolls and toys will find this type of doll helpful in their collection. There are more than a hundred types of dolls that are mainly distinguished by shape and design. Historically, some of the toys are even categorized with the material used while sculpting them.

Coming to a custom bobbleheads, the body of the dolls is not more than the size of a normal hand. Although, the largest bobblehead is around 4.6 meters. Yes, this doll broke the record of 3.85 m and became the highest bobblehead as per the genius book of world record. But, how does it look like?

Structure of Bobblehead

If you still do not know how a bobblehead looks like, think of the toy placed just below the dash panel of the car. The lower body is thin, short, and simple. Traditionally, the head part is purposely kept oversized if compared to its body. 

Aside from a solid connection with the body, the head is joined with a small-sized spring or a hook. So, if you came across a toy that has a spring fitted to joint with the main body, then it is probably a bobblehead.

Another important feature of this head is that it keeps on moving. Of course, you do not have to connect a power supply to keep the head rolling. Spring is ultra-sensitive, which means that even a slight touch will start the head movement. Maybe this is the reason why this doll is named a bobblehead.

Buy a bobblehead now

These cute little toys are one of the perfect options to make your young ones happy and entertain them. It is just like a one-time investment. After all, you do not have to pay for batteries and waste money by changing sales on a regular basis.

Even by a small touch, light wind, or due to any other movement, one can set them and especially their head on motion. 

Many expert toymakers sell pre-sculpted bobbleheads of famous personalities. Although, the price range is set depending upon the popularity of that particular person. So now, you can get your favourite politicians, players, or even a successful entrepreneur. Thousands of bobblehead portraits are created which are dedicated to actors and film stars. But this never means that you can’t order custom bobbleheadsAlthough, you need to provide a 3D photo of your body, which can be done easily. It’s worth creating a self-bobblehead and placing it on top of the work desk.