What is the point of speculation?

What Is Speculative Fiction? | Annie Neugebauer

Life is designed such that we only know about the things that have occurred in the past and what is happening at the moment. However, the future is often very much uncertain. However, it is important to have an idea of what will happen in the future so that we can plan appropriately towards it. Fortunately, even though the future remains largely uncertain, it is possible to use past and current events to speculate things that will happen in the future. In those instances when we can perfectly or almost perfectly predict things that will happen in the future, it is often very rewarding. However, losses could also be incurred when an individual is wrong about their speculation. Here are some of the reasons why people speculate.

The idea of the future
A major reason why people speculate is that they want to have an idea about what the future has in stock for them, for those around them and the world. Based on their speculation, they can decide about what steps they should take in the present that will help them to be able to conquer the future. A lot of businessmen speculated about the need for specific products and were right about it. The implication was that they became giants, especially when they were the pioneers of those products and services or when there was no serious competition. An example is a company like Amazon that was started while the Internet was still at a relatively early stage when it seemed difficult to imagine buying from stores where you have not physically picked the products you wanted to buy and the fear of losing money. Today, the owner has gone on to become the richest man in the world, based on the return on his investment.

Another reason people speculate is for fun and bragging rights. It is popular to find people speculating about virtually every event that goes on in the world from politics to sports and the financial sector. Based on the information available to them or based on intuition, they could speculate that a particular person will win the next election even when they are not the most popular. They could also speculate that a particular country will achieve a particular feat even when most people do not see it coming or possible. They would be happy when their speculations come to pass, coupled with the respect they would start to earn from people who observe that a significant percentage of the person’s speculations come to pass.

Making money
Another reason people speculate is to make money. Making money from speculation could range from forex trading to sports betting and casinos. Several people have made a fortune from speculation, with some making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars from just speculating and putting a few hundred bucks (known as the stake) on their speculation. You can read reviews about some companies you can patronize if you want to make money from speculating.

Some people also involve speculations as a way to show their strategic prowess. They can analyze available data to reach conclusions on how events will turn out in the future. For those who truly possess the skill or talent, their speculations will have a high rate of success that could be as high as 90 percent. The only reason they would rarely achieve a 100 percent success is that a lot of factors can quickly change the narrative and render previous data irrelevant.

Many people also speculate so that they can prepare for the future. When they can speculate that a particular field will be in huge demand, with little professionals resulting in high pay, they might decide to become a professional in that field. This is especially when their period of speculation falls around the time they would have been able to obtain their professional certificate. If there is a speculation an earthquake or other natural disasters could happen in an area within a particular period, preventive measures can be carried out in advance if possible and if not, the residents of such places can be evacuated well in advance.