Traditionally, the job application process usually goes like this: there is an open position at your company, the HR department will write up a job specification and post it online, candidates apply, you sift through the numerous CVs hoping to find the right applicants to interview, interview those who take your eye and then offer the successful applicant the job.

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Although this is a simplified view, it does form the basis of the traditional hiring process for many businesses. But, the world of hiring is changing. A lot of people are currently employed in jobs and are known as passive candidates – over 75% of them would be willing to change jobs if they were offered the right opportunity. Yet, when you post a job posting online, why aren’t you getting applicants? It takes far more to attract candidates now than previously and your promise of a nice salary and after-work social events is highly unlikely to cut it anymore.

Resumes Are A Bottleneck

CVs and resumes are a failsafe when applying for jobs, or they were. They are highly convenient when it comes to putting all your accomplishments, educations and skills in a neat format and have been used within job applications since the 1950s, which is the issue. They’re quickly becoming outdated with many job postings no longer asking for them, but why? Modern candidates are more instant and prefer to apply for jobs with just a few clicks. CVs require a lot of work to uphold and they don’t really offer much about the candidate who is applying and a staggering 85% of all job applicants have lied on their CV.

Get Rid Of CVs Once and For All

Amongst all of the applicants, passive candidates are very unlikely to bother writing or updating their CV. It can take hours and if they have been in the same job for years, then it is very unlikely that they even have a CV. As well as updating their experience, they need to remember their workplace duties, get a decent headshot taken and make it look and read well. If you’re out of a job, then this is no issue, but for those who are searching for jobs whilst in another role, they find they haven’t got much time to work on something which is good enough to land them the promise of an interview.

There isn’t a lack of candidates, as the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, but there is instead plenty of passive candidates. The reason why you are not attracting any quality applicants is that your hiring process is not suited to today’s candidates.

You’re Not Being Broad Enough

There are many different sectors which span across the globe, meaning there are perhaps thousands of candidates waiting to apply for your job. Investing in an international employee brings a whole host of positives to the workplace and you as a business, but there are also some things which you should prepare for. You must support overseas applicants at all stages of the process, especially if they are planning on moving with family members. If you need information on the spouse visa application requirements or what benefits overseas applications are entitled to, then be sure to contact an immigration lawyers.