Why Website Design is Important

Understanding Web Design

Web Designer is a job in the world of computers that is responsible for determining the appearance of a website. Before releasing a web page, web designer will usually design the appearance of the website, starting from the front page (Home Page), appearance per article and other views on the website.

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Things That Need to be Considered

A Web Designer is a profession whose job is to design a site’s appearance (web) starting from image processing, layout, colour, and all visual aspects of the site. Web Designer will focus on determining the appearance or layout of a website page. They are more concerned with how the page looks and whether it functions perfectly when given a programming language.

The ability of Adobe Photoshop in image editing is indeed not to be doubted. The various features and conveniences that it has makes Photoshop become a popular image editing program. The interface is easy to use, with a variety of features that are reliable, very helpful in processing images and photos. Adobe Photoshop Series Creative Suite 2 It has been launched for a long time, currently there is an updated version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS4. The various interesting features it has are very helpful, both for beginners and professionals in the field of image editing. with the presence of a software for digital photo editing, at least we have been helped a lot to beautify photos and add items to a photo that we want.

It would be nice to use a picture of a reasonable size. In general, we have a size limit in the selection of images used. Because by using a lot of images and also large size will give the effect of loading the website pages will be heavier. In this matter, Scottsdale SEO Company LinkHelpers can help you to do the service.


Before designing, we should know and understand some of the functions of the website so that the design is made in accordance with the functions of the website. The website can be used as a business transaction for goods, services, and many more. The website connects consumer companies and certain communities through easier and instant means. Payments can facilitate credit cards, transfers or direct payments.

The conclusion this time about the notion of web design is the term in making a design that focuses on the appearance of a website without losing the main function of the website which will have an impact on the readers or visitors of the website to feel comfortable.

In essence, a web to look beautiful and attractive requires a unique design, which all of this requires creativity from all of us.