10 Simple Ways to Support the Military: How to Use Your Money and Time

The military means a lot to America. Roughly 1.3 million Americans are active-duty personnel.

This may suggest that the US military receives a lot of support. But many programs are underfunded and many veterans struggle with readjusting to civilian life. You must help support the military. 

What are some actions you can do today? What should you send to service members abroad? How can you educate others about the military at home? 

Answer these questions and you can master how to support the military in no time. Here are ten simple ways to offer support. 

1. Vote

Vote in every election, including local ones. Look at the policies of candidates and see how they would impact the military. You can also support candidates with a military background. 

Try to be holistic in your approach to politics. A candidate who wants to cut money on the military may not want to hurt the military. They may want to encourage a shift in operations. 

2. Send Care Packages

You can send a military care package to anyone, including a service member you do not know. Try to send a package with necessities like sunblock and clean underwear. 

But you can customize your packages however you see fit. You can send candy, artistic supplies, and presents. Most people send their packages during the holiday season, but you can send yours whenever you want. 

3. Write Letters to Service Members

Service members can receive letters wherever they are. You can send a letter or card to a particular person, or you can join a campaign that sends cards to all service members. 

You do not have to be lengthy or eloquent. A simple card that expresses your gratitude for their work is all you need to create. If you want to get more detailed, you can. 

4. Help Local Organizations

Military organizations are located all throughout the country, including in rural areas. Ask around to see what your local organization does. Some specialize in helping veterans of particular conflicts, while others are focused on military families. 

Help them out however you can. You can help them raise money or volunteer your time in some capacity. 

5. Visit Military Museums

Most cities have at least one military museum. Some museums tell the stories of service members from the local area. Others tell the story of an entire armed conflict. 

Many museums are run by veterans themselves. Visit the museum and buy something from the gift shop. You can also make a direct donation to the museum so it stays open. 

If you have any military artifacts, donate them to the museum. You can advise them on how to store and display your belongings. 

6. Buy From Companies That Support the Military

Many companies support the military in some way. They may hire veterans for specific positions, or they may partner with veteran-owned businesses. 

Try to shop from these companies as much as possible. If you need a custom challenge coin, go to an organization like CustomChallengeCoins

Shirts that support the military are a good way to demonstrate your support in public. Buy shirts with positive messages on them from a veteran-owned retailer. 

7. Fight Against Stolen Valor

Military imposters are everywhere. Some people falsely claim to be veterans so they can receive benefits or public attention. Others are real veterans, but they lie about the rewards they received or the units they were in. 

If you come across a military imposter, challenge them. Ask them questions that only real service members would know. 

It is not against the law to make false claims about military service. It is against the law when someone does so to receive benefits. Report these people to the Department of Defense right away. 

Some imposters wear US military uniforms. Familiarize yourself with how a uniform is properly worn. If you notice someone wearing a uniform with mistakes on it, they may be an imposter. 

8. Help Military Kids

Military children have special needs. Many of them move from one military base to another, making it hard for them to find friends. Some of them grow up without one or both of their parents. 

Give to organizations that help military children. See if you can donate educational supplies, including picture books and drawing kits. 

If you know a military child personally, do what you can to help them. Give them life advice and write letters to their military parent about how they are doing. 

9. Support PTSD Awareness

Many people do not have the truth about PTSD. Not all veterans have PTSD, including people who served in Vietnam. People with PTSD can live full lives, yet they may require assistance in stressful situations. 

Educate yourself about PTSD and similar disorders. Donate to scientific organizations that look to cure and treat the disorder. 

10. Build Memorials

Most areas have veterans or war memorials. If your area does not, appeal to your local government to start one. 

You can also create a memorial to recognize the contributions of a particular veteran or group of people. See if you can start a memorial dedicated to BIPOC veterans. Go to your local historic home and find lists of people who served. 

Ten Ways to Support the Military

You can support the military through simple gestures. Vote for political candidates who served in the military and help veterans. Send care packages and cards with messages of support.

Help different local organizations, including educational institutions like museums. Buy products from veteran-owned companies. Challenge coins and T-shirts that can inspire others to support the military.

Fight against military imposters and assist children in military families. Support efforts to treat PTSD and commemorate veterans from underserved communities. 

The military is one institution you can support. Figure out how you can help others by following our coverage.