When you want to clean your carpet, you need to follow a few established tips to get the best results. Of course, having a Carpet Cleaning Brisbane equipment and products is a must.

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As soon as you see a stain on your carpet, deal with it right away. This will ensure the best chance of success

If you have to use water on your carpet for cleaning, don’t overuse it. Try to use the least amount of water. Actually having your carpet almost dry is best.

Always use the right type of detergents on your carpets. For example avoid using washing powders or bleaches.

When you use the cleaning liquid on your carpet, make sure you dilute it first. Applying it directly on the carpet might lead to destroying your carpet. So make sure to use the recommended ratio for dilution.

Avoid scrubbing and rubbing your carpet. You need to work from the outside inwards. This will avoid stain spreading.

To have a fast drying of your carpet, leave the windows and doors wide open.

If you have a particularly nasty stain on your carpet, such as made by chocolate or lipstick or oil and ink, add a bit of medicinal spirit on a small cotton wad and rub very gently the cotton from the outside inwards. Rubbing is really the wrong word for it, you need to actually press with a towel or kitchen roll on the stain. Then repeat as often as you need to get the stain removed. There are carpets which will become a bit darker initially, do not worry, some carpets are like that. Once dry, they will reclaim their natural color.

Before you consult with a professional carpet cleaner, try first the tips above. You might end up saving lots of money in the process.