Mortgage Call Capture Use On The Rise For Mortgage Leads

Mortgage call capture is a phone system used by mortgage brokers to assist in finding and “capturing” sales leads. The system functions by providing a 24 hour a day, seven day a week phone line that potential clients can call for information about up to date mortgage information, or when partnering with real estate agents, a specific property. Mortgage call capture systems have increased dramatically in functionality in the last several years in addition to becoming far more reasonable in cost. For any mortgage broker looking for a way to more reliably capture leads and assess the impact of their marketing, a mortgage call capture system is a viable and potentially effective option.

In a market that has suffered serious losses over the past five years, mortgage brokers and real estate agents alike are looking for ways to make their budgets stretch as far as possible and have the greatest success in capturing leads and transforming them into sales. A mortgage call capture system provides a way to not only generate new leads, but increase overall business. It does this by providing a dedicated 1-800 number with multiple extensions that a broker or agent can display on signage, businesses cards, and all promotional materials. Pre-recorded information about specific properties can be provided to prospective clients at any time of the day or night, and they can be provided with an opportunity to leave a voicemail for callback. Even if they choose not to leave a message, the system stores their number and the date and time of their call for further follow-up. As the initial call falls under the 90-day business inquiry rule of Do Not Call laws, an agent or broker can call back a lead with no fear of infringing upon Do Not Call legislation.

A mortgage call capture system can be of benefit to either a broker or an agent, but it is when the two team up that savings can often be reaped on both ends. Not only can the cost of the service be split between the two parties, but both can use separate extensions to monitor where their most effective advertising is happening. Rather than buying leads – which can be costly and may not lead to qualified local buyers – a mortgage broker and agent can use a mortgage call capture system to generate mutually useful local leads and provide them with both a property to buy and a mortgage to purchase it.

It is in the relationships between mortgage brokers and real estate agents that mortgage call capture truly shines. If both parties can agree on a marketing strategy and are diligent about both returning messages and ensuring that the system is updated with the latest information about properties, they can often generate leads that are not only qualified, but are impressed with the professionalism of both the agent and broker. With a good working relationship and similar goals, an agent and broker can gain a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability in a neighborhood by using a mortgage call capture system to its fullest.

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