This posting is about being a student. Not just a student, but a student that takes the vehicle of learning to mastering the subject of study.
Most are familiar with being a student and what goes on in the world of learning. The world of learning takes place on the grounds of the elementary schools to the college campus of the world.
These institutions of learning are equipped with their own libraries and instructors. These are place where instructors are only outnumbered by a throng of students. Students are made up of diverse ages, ethnicity, social standing, and all brought together for the purpose of learning.
Each institution of learning is based on a general categorization with ascending levels of learning from basic up to advance learning. The first level is even called elementary (basic) and levels near the top are called degrees of which one is called masters.
Institutions designed for learning are not without issues and challenges. Challenges such as some who are in attendance have no intent to learn. The issue of limitations in teaching styles that fall short of inspiring all toward being students. A corresponding challenge to the first is that all instructors are not there to leave students better than the way they started. In truth the system, like life, has a way of purging the least committed. The sad fact is others intent on learning are carried away as well.
Learning also goes on among other type of institutions. Corporations, military, and the streets of our cities are other places where knowledge, understanding and wisdom are gathered. These are less forgiving when tests of the lesson are not passed.
We are recipients of lessons that we fail to truly learn because we are taught from only one side of the lesson. This leaves us feeling a sense of questioning why we learned all of these things in the first place. I have often heard people say, “I don’t know why I am learning this. I will never use it in the real world”. Thinking to myself why is this a common expression?
I contend it is because we leave off the latter part of the lesson which is not the continual intake of information. It is the output of this information to others that places each of us at a vantage point where our vision, hearing, feeling, touch, and taste are sensing from a different direction. To speak plainly we began to teach the lesson. We learn the resonance of a lessons truth or falsehood inside of us as we become the one responsible in passing on the legacy of is the second part of learning. We are familiar with being a receiver and now we must complete the cycle by being a dispenser realizing that our integrity is now on the line. No longer theoretical but living; like a breath is not whole when just taken in but when it comes out the cycle is completed. The cycle is now ready to begin anew.
I bid you welcome, to begin mastery of a lesson by finishing the second part of true learning; the part where you become the teacher. That is when the lesson is learned.