Kitchen Flat Packs

What Is A Flat Pack Kitchen?

All Flat Pack Kitchens Chermsides are supplied with extremely detailed, easy to understand instructions and all the fixings and hardware that you will need. At most, all you will need to supply yourself is a few basic tools (hammer and screwdriver for example). Plus, you’ll feel rest assured that your new kitchen will fit perfectly without any filler pieces or empty spaces. Flat pack kitchens are also precisely cut and finished in the factory, so that once they are installed in your home, you will have a finish that is as good as if a professional installed it.


Kaboodle flatpack kitchens are no exception and we take quality and structure very seriously – so just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. Kaboodle kitchens are modular which means they can be configured into any space. Read our article on why you should buy a flat pack kitchen to gain a better understanding of the benefits before you make your purchase. Condensed into compact packages, flat-pack units are easy to carry into tight spaces, up flights of stairs, or where access to a property is limited. They are also simple to stow away anywhere where you have extra room until your project starts.

Custom Diy Kitchen Cabinets Online

It takes a lot of carpentry skill to make sure your cabinets are plumb and level, particularly if you’re dealing with an older property where your old floors and walls aren’t perfectly straight. Make no mistake about it, installing your cabinetry isn’t as easy as “just pushing your new cabinets up against your walls”. They wanted custom made cabinetry (without compromises) but in a flat pack form that they can assemble and install themselves. More often than not the range of pre-fabricated or modular ‘off-the-shelf’ type cabinets don’t either fit correctly or simply don’t suit the design you want to achieve.

If you know how to assemble any IKEA piece of furniture, you’ll find assembling Kaboodle cabinetry an absolute breeze. By assembling the cabinets yourself, you reduce your cabinetry labour costs just that little bit more. If you’ve decided to go down the DIY road, you’ll have 2 basic options when it comes to your cabinetry – which is the single biggest cost of your reno. A Kaboodle flatpack kitchen from Bunnings is perfect for homes under $1 million in value.So how do you tackle your own kitchen reno?

Install wall cabinets the same way as the base cabinets but be sure to attach the cabinets to wall framing as plasterboard will not provide strong enough support. Position the bench top so overhang at the front is parallel with the cabinets (standard overhang is 55mm.) Mark out the trim line following the contour of the wall.

Because we believe that every renovation is as unique as each of our clients, we ensure that your DIY Flat Pack perfectly suits its space. Aussie Cut specialise in manufacturing custom made DIY kitchens for your new home or renovation project.

Once cabinets are in place, adjust to height line marked on wall. Check the level as you go, then anchor the cabinets to the wall.

Never place wall units over a cooktop unless a rangehood is installed in or under the cabinet. Mitre 10 extensive range of kitchen units provide endless options, so when planning your new kitchen, take the time to get it right. You don’t have to follow the layout of your original kitchen, you can be as creative as you like, but remember to keep it functional.

Flat Pack Kitchen