For a long time, trading has captivated my interest. I’ve been interested in investing for more than five years. It all began with a thorough search for a brokerage business that could not only satisfy my current requirements but also assist me in achieving my long-term goals. I’d been asking my friends and relatives for their opinions on several brokerage businesses for which they had worked, analyzing the advantages and risks of each in light of my particular requirements.

When trading online, one of the most important priorities is the security of the platforms in use. This was a critical issue for me to consider while seeking a trade partner. I came across RosewoodTrust when looking for respectable and trustworthy brokerage business.

RosewoodTrust is a full-service investment firm that caters to a wide range of clientele, from self-directed aggressive traders to those seeking financial assistance. It provides a diverse selection of channels as well as comprehensive financial services. This investment platform is open to traders from all around the world. On this platform, you may trade over 250 financial CFD products, including indices, commodities, currencies, crypto, and stocks. This is advantageous to me because I wanted to diversify my trading portfolio.

The company wants to be connected to as many electronic exchanges as it can. You may trade equities, stocks, and futures at any time from anywhere in the world. The order execution engine at RosewoodTrust is continually monitoring market conditions to re-route any or all components of an order for optimal execution, price enhancement, and discount maximization.

RosewoodTrust officials claim that derivatives cover more than 90% of their customers’ trading, yet equities and futures brokers offer a wide range of options. Everything is in place to help the dealer calculate risk and benefit potential. It’s simply a question of making decisions and following through.

This broker allows you to pick assets on your own, but if you are confused about your choices, you may speak with them. All of this, I must say, makes them an excellent alternative for traders, but if we want to be certain that their statements are true, we must examine each section they provide. That being said, this RosewoodTrust review will cover every aspect of this broker, allowing us all to determine whether RosewoodTrust is a good pick for traders.

First and foremost, their website is attractive. It’s basic and elegant, and you have everything you need. I won’t go into great depth regarding the design because we all have different preferences. Instead, I’ll skip ahead to Account Types.

Various Account Types Offered by RosewoodTrust

  • Four account types offered
  • Each account has its own set of benefits, but regardless of account type, the leverage available is substantial and adaptable

There are numerous account kinds available in their services. This implies they offered a wide variety of ideas and budgets. If you do not want to deposit a large sum of money right once, you may start with the smallest account and upgrade later. Each account has its own set of benefits, but regardless of account type, the leverage available is substantial and adaptable.

A Savings Account is an excellent place to start if you’re a beginner. You’ll have access to over 200 tradable assets, with leverage up to 1:100, premiums up to 1.5 percent, and company ratings. The only restriction is that you pay a minimum of $250. For that price, you get excellent value.

There’s also the Passive Income Account to consider. The leverage is 1:200 this time, the spreads are up to 1%, and you’ll get tier-3 trading room research, monthly seminars, an incentive fund, financial planning, and more. If u deposit at least $5,000, you can get all that.

The third option is to open a retirement account. You’ll get leverage of 1:300, spreads of up to 0.5 percent, webinars, and a tier-2 trading room review if you spend at least $20,000 this time.

Wealth Builder is the name of this broker’s most last account that is offered. You’ll enjoy ultra-tight spreads of up to 0.3 percent, a $5,000 bonus, invites to VIP events, and equity of up to 1:400 if you deposit more than $100,000.

A User-Friendly Platform and Execution

  • All of the necessary tools integrated, in a straightforward and user-friendly manner
  • Mobile and smartphone friendly, so you can trade from anywhere
  • User-friendly design

For every trader, the most important aspect is a well-designed trading platform. I could give you at least five reasons why the platform is important in a minute, but let’s just say it’s a location where you can open, close, and manage market positions. As a result, it must be well-designed, straightforward, and easy to use, as well as optimized for all devices.

The ideal platform can be used by both experts and beginners. It must establish the ideal balance between trading tools and ease of use. Brokers may find it difficult to find that balance, so they add plenty of new features to the platform, which causes it to slow down.

The RosewoodTrust team came up with the ideal answer. They integrated all of the necessary tools, but they did it in a straightforward and user-friendly manner. Nothing can slow it down, allowing you to trade without interruption and complete deals quickly. Aside from that, you have complete freedom in terms of trading. They made it mobile and smartphone friendly, so you can trade from anywhere.

When you first access the site, you’ll see how simple it is to use. So, if you’re a beginner, don’t worry; you’ll be able to trade without any assistance very immediately.

The main reason for this is that the design is user-friendly. Rosewood Trust devised a trading interface that is organized into three categories, making navigating considerably simpler. If you press one of the icons on the left side of the screen, you may manage your account from the trading platform page, for example. There are buttons for customer service, deposits, withdrawals, and other key account functions. That element, in particular, appealed to me since it simplifies things considerably.

You can pick the assets you desire in the middle. Simply choose a category and sort the assets by popularity, daily change, or name. The chart will appear on the left side of the screen once you have selected the relevant item. That chart is completely customizable, and you may rearrange any aspect to suit your preferences.

Withdrawal Speed

  • Variety of payment and withdrawal options
  • Bank transfers, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Bitcoin transfers may be used
  • PayPal is not an option

This broker provides a variety of withdrawal options. You may select the option that best matches your needs but bears in mind that it must be the same as the one you selected for the deposit. However, while opening an account and choosing a deposit method, make sure to check the withdrawal rules as well, just in case.

The withdrawal procedure takes very little time. To make withdrawals, you must be logged in to your trading account and proceed to the Client Area. After that, choose the method and amount you want to use, and get your documents ready for verification. It’s as simple as that. Now you must wait for the approval procedure to complete, after which the funds will be deposited into your account.

You must provide them with particular documentation when you decide to make a withdrawal. They will notify you of what documents are necessary and will begin working on your request as soon as you provide them. Even though this slows down the process a little, I have to say that I am delighted they made this a part of their company. As a result, we may be confident that RosewoodTrust is a legitimate broker.

Payment mechanisms, unlike most other RosewoodTrust features, are generating some interest. They stop at the broker level and don’t go any farther. The only alternatives are debit cards, wire transfers, and Bitcoin transfers.

You can only select one, however, bear in mind that the length of time you spend waiting for changes significantly depending on which technique you use. Although MasterCard or wire transfers are typically believed to be more dependable, they come with long wait times that are reliant on your bank. A Bitcoin transfer is a way to go if you want your money in your pocket quickly. However, PayPal is not an option.

An Extensive Variety of Education Material and Tools

  • Offers a lot of resources for people seeking high-quality education
  • The majority of educational material provided here may be accessed without registering

You may ignore the site’s education portion and go straight to the trading area if you like. If you ever feel that your knowledge needs to be updated, or if you need to learn everything there is to know about online trading from the base up, RosewoodTrust can help. It offers a lot of resources for people seeking high-quality education. For ease of use, every last bit of material has been separated into several categories, and the huge majority of it may be accessed without registering. I’d want to see this instruction applied across all trading platforms so that traders aren’t forced to invest before they’ve mastered the basics.

On the main menu, the Education Center is located next to the Trading Platform. When you open it, more tabs will emerge. There are eBooks, an Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Glossary to choose from.

The thing that attracts me the most is eBooks. There are many topics to pick from, and even if you don’t have any prior knowledge, you may discover something valuable.

Ready to Serve Customer Support

  • An efficient customer service department
  • Customer Care staff may be contacted by Email, form submission, call or live chat option

A skilled trader may be able to see the true worth of a strong support network. Finding difficulties or basic queries is unavoidable for a broker and having a skilled staff ready to reply is the difference between success and failure for others.

In our industry, the ability to swiftly transmit a message and ensure that it reaches the correct individuals in a timely and effective manner is severely underestimated. Fortunately for everyone, RosewoodTrust claims to have spent a significant amount of time and money creating a skilled customer support team. They may be contacted in several different ways.

I generally suggest calling them straight away if you need things fixed immediately. One of two teams, one in Australia and the other in the United Kingdom, should be contacted. When I called each of them, I was treated with the same flawless professionalism and courtesy. Whatever I threw at them, they were capable of handling it elegantly. You can contact them by email or the on-page form if you are unable to speak with them due to several factors. Regardless of how difficult the situation was, I received a response within hours with the solutions I needed. The following hours should be kept in mind by traders:

From Monday to Friday, Telephone support is available 09:00 – 13:00 GMT


As I reach the end of my RosewoodTrust review, I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised by what I learned. I support and trust RosewoodTrust, and I hope my analysis has highlighted that for you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.